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Adam Muldrow is a former prosecutor in Harris County who spent eight years working as a District Attorney. He spent the last two years in the Public Integrity Division handling cases of public corruption against police officers and government officials. He handled cases in the investigation and grand jury stage and has tried over 50 cases in front of a jury.

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Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need somone who understands the law and understand the impact that this charge can have on your life from your job to your drivers license.

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Sexual Assault Charges

Being charged with sexual assault is one of the most serious allegations that can be made against a person. If you have been charged with sexual assault you cannot afford a conviction. You need someone help you ...

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DWI Charges

DWI is not a simple case. A DWI charge has the possibility to affect your record and your drivers license costing you money and opportunity for a long time to come. I know how to fight the charges against you ...

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White Collar

Criminal charges related to any type of financial or white collar crimes often involve a lengthy investigation and lot of documents. As a former prosecutor I have overseen investigations millions of dollars.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges always stressful and need an attorney who can develop the whole picture. I know how the prosecutor thinks and what to do keep these charges from impacting you and your family.

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Murder and Assault

Crimes of violence are some of the most serious offenses that you can be charged with. I have handled numerous murder cases from investigation to trial and I know how to fight for you from day one to ...

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Public Integrity

Public servants are held to a higher standard today in the media and by the District Attorney's Office. The Harris County District Attorney and most other District Attorneys have special division designed to prosecute public servants...

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Post Conviction Review

If you or a loved one have been unjustly convicted the battle is never over. Righting a wrong done by the criminal justice system is difficult but rewarding and necessary. I can work to make sure all the facts are ucovered ...

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